Top 7 Best Freelancing Sites for Writers

Top 7 Best Freelancing Sites for Writers
Remote work is now one of the most popular, because the world is fast-paced, and the events are even faster. You probably remember the feeling of rushing to work, not having time to take a hot latte at your favorite coffee shop, and ending up being late for work. People have loved freelancing for the opportunity to work remotely, be anywhere in the world and perform their duties with the same quality. This is especially true for creative professions, because it is difficult to produce great ideas while sitting in a boring office.
Some people choose freelancing for the chance to work in different companies and on various projects. It allows you not to burn out and constantly reinforce yourself with new knowledge.
Today we’re going to talk about the best freelancing sites for writers. Here you will surely find a platform where you can find pleasant customers, interesting tasks and most importantly — decent earnings.

This is a young project that allows you to reveal your talent and find the perfect job. The platform is aimed at finding employees and jobs. It is an ideal place for developers, web designers, copywriters, SEO specialists, marketing experts, project managers, etc. If you are a professional or newbie writer, make a good reputation with Executorr.
The website is user-friendly in its interface. Registration takes a few seconds and then you will receive a huge number of benefits. Write about yourself, specify the price of services or look for projects you like. In your profile, you can see the money balance. Use Payoneer, SEPA, ACH payment systems, PayPal to withdraw. It is also convenient to view the earnings chart.
Browse projects, apply for jobs, and write quality texts to order. It is much easier to find your dream job here.

This is another popular and one of the largest freelancing services, where everyone can show themselves in the work. Advanced search filters make it easy to find what you are looking for. Employer can view freelancers’ work history and reviews to get an idea of their professionalism.
A chat feature makes it easy to discuss projects with candidates. A time tracker shows how much time a freelancer has spent on various project elements, and a handy work diary displays specific work hours. These features are constantly being improved, so the website is sure to be easy to use.
On the platform you will find a lot of deals for projects, as well as jobs to suit your skills. The most important thing is to correctly create a page and respond to the appropriate options.

It is another great marketplace, which provides a variety of jobs for writers. You will find a huge number of tasks. These include translation, storytelling, writing speeches, posts, blogging, resume and cover letter writing, editing, etc.
The focus here is on the freelancers that customers choose for their tasks. Fiverr actively helps prospective freelancers, because you can set up ads on the platform.
Another advantage is the huge client flow, including from globally known firms. Also, the Fiverr team regularly organizes various events for freelancers to exchange experiences and communicate.

The Muse
On this website, your writing talent is sure to be appreciated. The platform offers a searchable database of more than 90,000 jobs at companies around the world.
It has a convenient search filter. You can specify job category, skills type, publication date, company, its size, job location, etc. The system also has a convenient way to view the job, where everything is listed down to the smallest detail.
There are more than 1,500 applications available for writers, translators, and editors. You only need to register in a few clicks. You can link to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google for convenience.

We Work Remotely
It is an online job board for all kinds of freelance services, including customer service, programming, design, marketing, etc. The only rule for posting tasks on the site is not to offer work in an office.
This is where world-famous companies (InVision, Google, Amazon, Basecamp, etc) offer jobs. Try your hand as a technical copywriter, editor and SEO specialist.
The company offers a keyword search, so you can easily find your dream project. Another advantage is the choice of region, company, industry.

Here is another impressive platform where you will definitely find a worthy and highly paid project. Jobs are posted in an immense number of categories.
The registration and ordering procedure is effortless. A freelancer creates a profile, fills it with information and starts looking for work, leaving requests under offers from clients. The benefits include the ability for employees to search for jobs by language categories, and for employers to find freelancers by region.
Navigation on the platform is quite easy. With the keywords “translation, editor, writer” you can find plenty of offerings. Also, there is an opportunity to arrange them by criteria important to you (new, with a high/ low budget, etc.)

This is a freelancer platform that posts specialists and groups offering services in 9 major categories. You can choose the language to work in, the type of job, the payment amount and specify other filters.
It will take you a little time to explore the platform, so Guru is best for freelancers and employers planning long-term collaboration.
The website aims to bring professionals together. The company has been operating since 1998, so it has a good reputation and popularity among freelancers looking for interesting and high-paying projects.

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