How to become a freelance writer

Detailed Guide on How to Become a Pro Freelance Writer
Experienced freelance writers deal with a single or several clients. You work as a contractor. If you are tired of being a full-time employee, it is time to make a big change and learn how to become a freelance writer. You’ll find a lot of pro tips below.

More and more people consider freelancing as their main job. A freelance copywriter is a very popular profession these days. The field is pretty wide and includes writers, who benefit approximately 18% of the entire freelancing jobs you can find online.

Thanks to modern technologies and access to the internet, such barriers as education, geography, and background can’t stop you from becoming a free writer. You can look for new clients from all around the world on reliable platforms such as Do not be afraid to try freelancing even if you studied something completely different.
Understanding a Freelance Copywriter Job
A freelance copywriter acts as a contractor and has nothing to do with full-time employment. Your goal is to offer your excellent writing services to as many clients/ publications as possible in order to have a stable income and a decent way of living. You are free to work with any genre of your choice, such as storytelling, creative writing, articles in journals/magazines, etc.
Expert Tips: How to Become a Freelance Writer?
Being a freelance writer requires a lot of patience, creativity, and tenacity. A professional freelance writer must have a portfolio, which includes the best writing samples. You should be open to meeting new people and dealing with new opportunities and challenging assignments. At the beginning of your freelance career, you will need a detailed guide. Luckily, pro freelancers share their experience and give efficient tips for the younger generation to achieve stunning results.

Choosing the writing form
Starting your career by deciding what exactly you’d like to write about. Think carefully about what kind of writing interests you the most: freelance copywriter, website content writer, blogger, article writer for magazines, journalist, or news writer.

Setting the top goals
If you want to become a successful copywriter, you should set the right goals. Knowing what exactly you want to achieve will definitely help you visualize and realize your dreams. However, the goals should be kept realistic. It is a smart idea to make a list of publications you plan to write for and set targets for all of them.

Start writing
Now it is time for action. You should enjoy writing and do it all the time to develop the speed, and style, and have enough practice. There is an old saying that practice makes perfect. The more you write the higher chances you have to find excellent, stable, and well-paying clients.

Never stop learning
It is highly recommended to take a writing course at a college/university. Alternatively, you can always enroll in short-term online courses on copywriting or blogging. Such a writing course is perfect for gaining the basics of writing. You will need such skills if you are serious in becoming a freelance copywriter. A study course gives you the right direction, valuable experience, insight, and the required writing skills. You will learn to write on a regular basis, discover new techniques, find out the most reliable freelancing platforms, build your portfolio, and will have an extra advantage to include in your CV.

Getting real writing experience
When it concerns freelance writing, your experience is the essential foundation you will need in order to base your stable career. Take your time to choose the most relevant writing topics and build your own style. You will learn how to play with the words to make your text seem eye-catching in the eyes of well-paying clients and your future readers.

Building an eye-catching portfolio
The only way to find new clients is to attract them with your professional portfolio. Your collection should include only the best writing samples. They should demonstrate your writing talent, your strengths, and your particular range as a freelance writer. Do not forget to include the list of the writing areas you have the biggest experience.

Starting your blog
Many starting freelance writers open their own blogs. It is a very useful practice. It permits you to start building your name and style as a writer. Besides, it will keep you occupied until you find enough clients. You will learn the art of self-discipline and self-organization, which are crucial for self-employed people. Blogging is one of the best ways to develop regular writing practice and build new contacts.

Be open-minded and ready to communication
There are many ways to find potential clients: social media platforms, forums, online business networking, local social events, etc. Every time you make an inbound request, you should be contactable. As a freelance copywriter, your task is to demonstrate your talent and willingness to cooperate with prospective clients. Make sure you are flexible and make things easy. Stay online using Skype, email, or professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Final Thoughts and Practical Aspects
When you consider a writing career as a freelancer, you have to be prepared to be self-employed. It is always better to protect yourself, your time, and your money by doing the following:
You can register for self-assessment in order to keep essential records of incomings/outgoings.
Make sure you purchase good insurance coverage in case some unpleasant situations take place.
When you just start your writing career, you have to be ready to invest time and some money.

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